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Now offering FSV-8 pullpin conversions. ($50) + shipping

This conversion eliminates the allen screw and makes your bolt easily field stripable. (snatchgrip option shown)

Pull down the snatchgrip and pull the bolt out. It is that easy!

See the Products page for more info.

T-Bar stands on Sale! $25 shipped!!!

Introducing the T2 Trayless for the B2k and BKO series markers.

The T2 kit is out of production and unavailable until after the first of the year.

The new T2 gets rid of the need to buy a new solenoid and battery. There are no hoses and the kit uses the stock noid and 9v battery. The b2k kit a true bolt on upgrade. The kits includes everything you will need to complete the transformation from a ok looking marker to a Sweet looking shooting machine. The magnetic trigger has a five point adjustment feature. The G1 gripframe(included in the kit) has a screw mounted microswitch system. The gripframe accepts angel or matrix style grippanels. Get yours today!   

The T2 kit (B2k or BKO) version is $130 + $10 shipping. (Grippanels not included)

A GS B2k custom  with the T2 kit installed.

The T2 kit on a 04 BKO. The BKO version needs the ASA modified. When you purchase the kit you will need to send the ASA to BlueFork. I will send your ASA back with your kit. Or you can sent me your whole marker and I'll install the kit. 

Email me for ordering instructions: greg_icd@yahoo.com

The new G1 gripframe is ready for sale! $80

The Gripframe includes all the hardware to replace the stock gripframe on a B2K or BKO. Also included is the two screws to hold the microswitch. The trigger has a five point adjustablility and is magnetic. The gripframe accepts matrix or angel LCD grippannels.(not included.)

FSP, FSPV7 Boltpins.

B2K, BKO, ProMaster Linkpins.

Blue Fork Design is ICD Factory Certified.

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email: techsupport@blueforkdesign.us

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